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worlds hardest gameWorlds Hardest Game is the game you have been looking for for your whole life, if you are that kind of person, that is constantly in need for some extreme ! This is the most difficult game you can find on the internet. There are 30 levels and from the level 1, you will be surprised how challenging the game is. This game is not for weak guys, that are not able to some simple logical problem. If your is not high enough, you will just keep on dying, but this game is so addictive and entertaining, that anybody will just continue trying to finish it. You start as a red and your objective is to avoid touching the blue circles and collect the yellow ones. Once you have collected all yellow circles, move to the green beacon to complete the level. Some levels consist of more than one beacon. The intermediary beacons act as checkpoints. You must complete all 30 levels in order to finish the game and submit your high score. Your final score is a reflection of how many times have you died. The less deaths, the better! Our only advice is: Don’t give up, each level is hard, but possible to finish! Is your logical superior and will you be able to accomplish The Worlds Hardest Game with the best global score?


Worlds Hardest Game

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