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worlds hardest game 2Worlds Hardest Game is back with the Version 2.0! Play it for free at Games and enjoy the most challenging gameplay possible! This is a sequel of the most difficult game you can find on the internet. This it’s even harder to beat the game and there is a total of 50 brand new levels. You have to both be really clever and have good reflexes to success in the Worlds Hardest Game 2. Each level, the difficulty increases and its¬†addictivity will make you keep playing. It will take you hours to complete some levels! But don’t give up, show your friends how good you are by submitting and sharing the score. You take a control of a red and you have to avoid touching the blue circles and collect the yellow ones. Once all yellow circles have been collected, you can move to the green beacon to complete each of the levels. There can be more than only one beacon in some levels.. The intermediary beacons act as checkpoints. You need to complete all 50 levels to finish the game and be able to submit your high score. Your final score is a reflection of how many times have you died. The less deaths, the better! Can you finish The Worlds Hardest Game 2 and show your friends how good your reflexes are?


Worlds Hardest Game 2

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