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snail bobSnail Bob is an adventure game online, in which you will have to use to guide a little snail through challenging levels full of obstacles. Bob needs a new house. Use tools to guide him through each level of his journey. Make use of various objects in your surroundings to successfully overcome all the obstacles and reach the exit point. There are loads of useful tools such as buttons, ramps, levers and lifts. Use your mouse to navigate the Snail Bob wherever you can. Click on him to stop, click him once again to start going again. Control Bob’s speed using the buttons on top left. You can also press 1,2 to control how fast he will . Sometimes you will have to  rotate some objects to push the lifts up and down, or drag some to help Bob survive. There are 20 fun and challenging levels in Snail Bob, game.


Snail Bob 4.25/5 (40 votes)

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