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run 3 3 is now available on Games! The smash hit series is back with the third installment! Packed with even more features than before, your task is to with your character through for as long as you can, while your path becomes increasingly harder. You have entered a zone full of dangerous holes and your mission is to survive and from this place. If you fall down through the holes, you will be lost in and the game is over. But don’t worry there are some checkpoints in each level, so you will not lose your progress once you fall off the ground. You have the ability to defy and change the path so make sure you keep an eye on what might be coming further up, so you can be ready for it! The game also now has built in achievements and upgrades such as new characters, you can now play with! Use arrow keys or W,A,S,D to navigate your character into directions, you can also use space bar to jump. onto the walls using your arrow keys to change the gravity. Have fun with Cool Maths 3!


Run 3

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