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red ballRed is an awesome game in which you will have to slide, bounce, and roll the ball through unique puzzles! Use left/right or A/D keys to move. Use up or W key to jump. There are checkpoints in each level, so if you fail during some part of a level, you will be resurrected on the latest checkpoint. There are static and moving objects like lifts and ramps, that will help you in the game. Other object like walls and rotating machines will stay in your way to the finish flag, so you will have to avoid them. Some obstacles like axes can even kill you. If you fall of the ground, you are dead! Use and rules to get to where you want. Sometimes your Red Ball has to be bouncing, sometimes even flying to reach the target destination. The game consists of 17 challenging levels and you will really have to show your best logical skills and use your brain wisely to get through all of them.


Red Ball

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