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number cruncherNumber Cruncher is an interesting math game. Each level gives you a starting number and a target number. Your goal is to click on number up, down, left, or right of your starting number. See how quickly you can make the target number. Make sure you pay attention to the operation sign beside each number. That tells you whether that number will be added, subtracted, multiplied, or divided with your current total. For the beginner level, you can take as many steps as you need. For the advanced level, you have to get to the target number in less than seven steps. The key to Number Cruncher is planning ahead. Don’t start clicking until you know how you can reach your target! Don’t forget that there is no so think wisely before each movement. How strong are your math skills? Can you defeat the Number Cruncher that is looking to your math skills with a new fun free online game called Number Cruncher?


Number Cruncher 4.13/5 (15 votes)

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