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mathnook boxingMathnook Boxing is a fun maths game online where you will be guessing between the on the left and right to beat your opponent fighters. You can practice , , and , even all of them combined in the later levels. Your mission is to choose whether the mathematical statement on the left side is greater then, equal to, or less than the statement on the right side. Click on the correct answer to the operation shown on the left. If you will be too long, the glove meter will reach the the bottom and the opponent boxer will punch you! You need to hit your opponent three times before the K.O. meter depletes to knock him out. First few levels are pretty easy and they are just basic and subtraction maths. The other levels are really cool and challenging, as you will be solving advanced mathematical operations on both sides and determine the difference between them. For all this you only have few seconds! Use your mouse to click on the maths sign, watch the health bars on top of the game screen. Can you beat the most famous mathematicians like Pythagoras, Newton, or Pascal and become the Mathnook Boxing champion?


Mathnook Boxing

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