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divideDivide is a cool math game online with and puzzle elements. Your mission in each of the 28 levels is to divide the shape shown on the gaming screen into the exact number of pieces as stated. Click your left mouse button, drag and hold to start slicing. Then move your mouse to draw a line and to cut the blocks of wood into more pieces. You have a limited number of cuts. It doesn’t matter what kind of you will create, or what is their size. You can make few pieces of a , and all combined. The only thing that is important is the number of the pieces you have made. At the top left of the game window, you can see how many cuts you can make. On the top right you can see how many pieces you need to create. You need to make EXACTLY that many pieces as required, otherwise you will fail in the level. There is no in this game, so relax and take your while . Divide is a super addictive free game online and it is great for learning geometry and at the same time!



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