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bob the robber 2Bob the Robber 2 is a sequel of one of the best platform games ever added to the Games, the original Bob the Robber. Take a role of the infamous thief once again! Your mission is similar to the first game, to save the city by stealing all and valuables you can find. Visit various buildings around the town and loot them. Use your left and right arrow keys to navigate Bob around the map. Press up arrow when near an object such as a chest to loot it. It can also be used to enter doors and to interact with objects, to read signs and pick locks. To pick a lock, press and hold the up arrow and wait until it opens. Some doors can have code locks. Press up arrow while near a console and enter a code by typing 0-9. Walk into shadows to hide yourself from cameras. Attack guards using your bar. Finish each level by completing the given goal. Play Bob the Robber 2 on Games and become the greatest thief on in the city!


Bob the Robber 2

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